Once students have 12 weeks of classes recorded on the "Student Roster" and they have studied there forms (Poomsae) in their weekly classes, they are eligible to advance to next color belt. If you are ready to move forward go to "TESTING (step 1)" page and fill out form.



When you filled out the testing form in step 1, you told us that you know the requirements for advancement and that you have done the required time and can do what is expected to advance. 

In step 2 you will pay $20.00 for your test. 

Once you pay in step 2 the following will happen:

  1. You will receive a confirmation (within 24 hrs) that your info has been received.

  2. You will be loaded in to the "Student Roster" at your new rank with the term "UNVERIFIED" until you upload your video to our private FB Group here:

    You can also use Google Drive to get us your videos or any other method that works for both parties.

If your video passes then the term "VERIFIED" will appear on the "Student Roster".

  1. A certificate with your current Rank will be emailed to you within 10 business days. Your certificate will have either the term unverified "UV" or verified "V" as appropriate.


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