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UNTN On-line Taekwondo Training


UNTN has developed an on-line solution for individuals and schools to obtain Black Belt Certification in the art of Tae Kwon Do. The goal is to provide a way to train and advance in the art even if you do not have a school nearby or if you simply want to advance your knowledge on the art!

There are several certifications that can be obtained including belts/ranks leading up to Black Belt as well as advanced Black Belt ranks through 8th Dan/Degree!

The type of Certification depends on your ability to meet the requirements and/or your intentions regarding what you wish to do with your Tae Kwon Do journey. If you wish to participate in the Olympic games for example or if you simply want to achieve a Black Belt and enjoy training. Additionally. cost may be a consideration. Some Black Belt testing requirements may include travel and lodging expenses due to the fact that you will need to test in front of a panel here in the United States (UNTN Headquarters). Other Black Belt credentials may only require a video and essay submission.

All of our Black Belt programs will require a certain amount of minimum time spent training. Your monthly tuition fee will record your time simply by providing a calendar record of when you initially joined and how long you have been a student.

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